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[Organize Facts.] - A Young Man's Primer on How to Attain the Leisure Class.

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1,000 x 1,000

November 24th, 2014

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09:01 am - [Organize Facts.]
I became obsessed with the idea of having another audio recorder to talk into while I'm driving and rushed to the store just minutes before they closed and bought one. I've used these things for decades and always got a significant amount of work done. It's always helped me to get things worked out and the audio recording bit becomes invaluable to me at certain moments in my life.

Typically I'm making visual art of some sort or I'm producing something tangible in some way. Every once in a while I get to some point where I just don't have anything pressing or interesting to create and I always revert back to writing.

Writing has always been a lot like going into a book store or record shop. I know the things I am interested in checking out but as soon as I get inside I totally blank on what I'm looking for. So keeping little notes and notebooks with scribbled reminders is something I've done my whole life and it's generally best to not try and write down your thoughts while driving.

So I have the recorder and I'm gonna give that a go for a bit. It takes some time to develop the habit but I'm getting good at making sure such a discipline is easy enough for me adopt and maintain. I spent time making sure I knew the functions of the thing as it's not like the micro-cassette recorders I used to use. I'm feeling mostly prepared for what may come from it.

And, as always, something will come of it.
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